The Mining Operation is fully focused on increasing plant efficiency levels by improving plant utilization, availability and production rate. There is also a strong focus on planned and preventative maintenance through OEM, recording key downtime hits, coupled with root cause analysis and driving continuous improvement.

To maximize loading productivity, the operation is focused on matching the correct equipment to the appropriate faces. Larger equipment been deployed on high production faces with lower levels of segregation.

The operation is proactive in its approach to purity. A starting point being removal of waste bands on the face crest and floor ahead of blasting, ensuring low level of segregation and high productivity rate. Post blast sampling and mapping enables the operation to plot and control purity.

The mining method adopted is open cast mining with associated drill, blast, load and haul operations. Generally top slicing is adopted for mining, wherein road leading from entry point of the deposit is prepared and mining is progressed from top to bottom in slices equivalent to the bench height. Face height varies from 10m down to 2m, dependent on gypsum bedding width. The gypsum beds are followed by 0.5 to 2m of dolomite/limestone. The limestone/dolomite is loaded separately to the gypsum, negating purity dilution.

Currently operating from two Mining Area’s and in the process of acquiring additional mining areas.

Two circuit processing plant with capacity to produce 550 T/hr of Gypsum product.

Load and haul capacity of 5 MT/year.

Investing to upgrade present fleet of load and haul equipment.

In house Logistics Company (Kunooz Logistics).

Mining Team supported by Sales and Marketing, Finance, HR, Health & Safety, Procurement and IT Teams, based in the Salalah Regional Office.